Sarah Coupland


CEO and Director of Operations

888-560-5515 ext. 6 


Sarah has over 10 years experience managing a portfolio of rental properties. She is an active real estate investor in the Northumberland area, specializing in multi-unit investing and apartment renovations. Sarah saw a need in the area and decided to help other landlords in property management, so opened TAG in 2013.

Sarah over-sees the general operation of TAG and provides coaching and consultations to other real estate investors. She can assist in analyzing a deal and providing guidance to those who prefer to self-manage their properties.

Sarah continues to build her real estate knowledge by attending industry seminars and conferences, and she sits on the board of the local Northumberland Landlord's Association.

Sarah lives in Cobourg with her Husband Jamie and daughter Quinn. In her spare time Sarah enjoys playing volleyball, socializing with friends, and working on the business.

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Natasha Piper, Sr. Property Manager, Ext 8
Amanda Moore, Office Administrator, Ext 5
Danielle Merriman, Financial Administrator, Ext 7

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