Rental Application


In order to apply, each adult who would be occupying the property needs to fill out a separate application. Click the "Apply Online" button to complete our online application. Or download the Word Application form below, fill in your information, save a copy and email it to If you have any questions, please call or email. Your application will be assessed within 2 business days.  

Scroll down to read our Application Tips. 

Application Tips


To ensure you have the best chance of being selected for the property you desire, please consider the following:

Do not leave any sections of the application blank

The application asks for four references. Your current landlord, your previous landlord, your current employer and your previous employer. If you don't have all of these references then don't leave the section blank. Substitute with an alternate reference who is not a friend or family member. They could be a neighbour, past employer, or someone you volunteered for. Anyone you had a non-personal relationship with who can attest to your character. 

Obtain reference letters in advance

This is not required but does help in processing your application. 

List all income received

If you receive income other than employment income, list the source and the amount. This includes Child Tax Credit, Ontario Works, ODSP, Pensions, etc. Additional income helps to strengthen your application.

Pet References

If you have a furry friend that you would like to accompany you to the property you are applying for, I recommend having references for your pet. Many landlords are open to having pets if they are properly cared for and well behaved. If you can provide them this peace of mind through having references for your pets that will help.